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Terms of Service

This agreement describes the terms on which you are offered access to Battle of Flags and it's website (later "the service", "the game") by Saucer Software (later "we"). We may change this agreement at any time, without a prior notice. Continued usage is treated as acceptance. If you are unable to accept these terms in full extent you must stop using the service immediately.

To play Battle of Flags you must be of legal age in your country or have permission from your legal guardian. If we find that there is no sign of a guardian's acceptance your account will be deleted.

Compliance with the Game Rules, outlined below, is required. Violating any of the Game Rules will lead to limitation of access (banishment), or in major cases, complete account deletion. We reserve the right to change the Game Rules at any time.

We are not liable for any damages that may occur during the use of Battle of Flags. The service is provided "as is" without any warranty or assurance that it will work for you. We are not liable for any lost property or damages occuring in connection with the game including without limitation loss of items, accounts, statistics or other data due to errors or changes. We reserve the right to limit your account access (banishment) or remove your account at any time should we deem it necessary to ensure smooth operation of the service.

Game Rules

  1. Your account nickname must not be offensive or unsuitable for children or a work environment, and it must not attempt to impersonate official staff members or game mechanics.
  2. Profanity, racism and spamming are forbidden in all parts of the game, including but not limited to the ingame chat and match room names.
  3. Abusing game weaknesses or bugs to gain an advantage in the game is forbidden, including the possible abuse of the ranking points system.
  4. Using third-party software or hardware to gain an unfair advantage over other players is forbidden.
  5. Accessing another player's account, even with the account owner's consent, is forbidden.